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Eco Club

Objectives and purpose of the Eco club in the school.
  • To create awareness of biodiversity, conservation and local environmental issues among school children.
  • To create a ‘clean and green consciousness’ among students through various innovative methods.
  • To involve Eco Club students in open-orientation programmes in schools and public areas.

Eco clubs in schools are a means by which students can be empowered to participate and take up meaningful environmental activities and projects. It is a forum through which students can reach out to influence and engage their parents and neighbourhood communities to promote sound environmental behaviour. The Eco Club also empowers students to explore environmental concepts and actions beyond the confines of a syllabi or curriculum. While everyone, everywhere, asserts the importance of ‘learning to live sustainably,’ environment remains a peripheral issue in the formal schooling system. It continues to be viewed more as an extracurricular activity and less as a subject holding a priority position in the national curriculum.

Students can be powerful advocates for the conservation of natural resources and limiting waste. In fact, students may be able to help make this happen in a few ways that most adults cannot. Many adults are set in their ways and are not open to change. Students can try to get their parents to become more conscious of the environment.

An Eco Club is usually set up by a teacher and a group of motivated students to learn about the environment and to take action to improve their immediate environment.

They also provide a wonderful opportunity to help generate awareness, build attitudes and enable students to take up activities in the real world, in a way that the constraints of the classroom and curriculum won’t allow.

In our school eco club has been taken as an activity since last three years for students of grade VI to grade VIII. Under the guidance and support of Centre for Environment Education, the school takes up various themes such as water, energy, e-waste etc. for which students work and learn to o carry out environmental awareness activities addressed to specific groups and to our society in general. The eco club of the school has bagged the following awards
  • In the year 2014-15 our school has been awarded as ‘Highest e-waste collector’ among Ahmedabad schools.
  • The school was awarded as ‘Best Swachhagraha School’ for the exemplary contribution and performance in Swachhagraha movement to create a Culture of Cleanliness in Ahmedabad as well as Gujarat state held in the year 2016-17.

The club further intends to do take up activities related to the environment and the club members will strive to be effective and committed citizens of a sustainable environment.

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