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From her infancy, Vidushi showed keen interest in music and colours. As a baby, she used to respond to music—soft and loud. As she grew into a little girl, she also developed love for colours (a wall in her room was meant for this only!) with a very good sense of creating colour combinations and bold strokes on canvas.

In the year 2003, we the parents of Vidushi—a team of sensitive and creative father and a mother with interest in child development and education—spent several months visiting a number of CBSE and ICSE schools in the city. We were anxious about finding a school where our little daughter (not even 3 years then!) would get her own space to grow, learn and nurture her interests and passion. We were looking for a school which would pamper her hobbies yet guide her to develop into a sensitive, tolerant and thoughtful individual.

We visited many of the schools physically and some virtually (through the websites). Our hopes of finding a school well-suited for Vidushi’s personality and tenderness were slowly fading away. One day we read about LML in the newspaper. On reaching the LML campus we were pleasantly surprised. We were in a campus where the child would love to be!

We met a team of educators who believed in giving every child her space to explore the world around, discover and learn. A school where we could visualize Vidushi being supported in not only her scholastic abilities but also in refining other competence and life-skills as well.

It has been 9 years now that Vidushi has been an LMLite! She is being brought up by a group of educators who not only work with her as teachers, but also as mentors, facilitators and co-learners. Following the ICSE curriculum and prescribed pedagogy, Vidushi is encouraged to learn in an environment where the child is allowed to construct knowledge based on her own real-life experiences. When we go to meet her educators at the PTM, we really feel so good to see that they are so observant about every child in their class—individual feedback of their students and a customized learning environment for every child, perhaps are the reasons that children at LML feel so encouraged to think, learn, analyze and apply their knowledge in their daily lives! Each day in the school is a day of fun-filled learning.

Thank you LML School

Gopal Shivani,
(Parents of Vidushi, Std 9)

“Lalji Mehrotra Lions (LML) School is a unique school which concentrates on the holistic development of a child. Teachers are dynamic, proactive and committed. The scientifically designed methodology in both the scholastic and co- scholastic learning really stand apart. The beautiful infrastructure, serene atmosphere, unique approach, committed teachers and staff contribute a lot to the all-round development of the child. The individual care to each child and the evenly balanced diet provided to the growing children are the two important areas which need special mention. As a parent, I convey my sincere gratitude to all the teachers, staff and everybody involved in the teaching and learning process. Learning is a fun here.”

Ardhendu Mondal,
(Father of Miss Adrija Mondal, Class - SKG - D)

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