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Vishnubhai Patel

Vishnubhai Patel


Learning is a pursuit of acquiring knowledge. A child after birth starts his long journey of acquiring knowledge and this quest continues till the last day of his or her life. Education is a formalized method of learning in progressive steps and phases for acquiring knowledge systematically. However, an education system should not end up only at churning out young men and women with sharp minds, a competitive instinct and with excellent employment prospects but a truly comprehensive educational system should aim at producing good human beings and independent thinkers who are capable of applying their acquired knowledge in pursuit of excellence in the areas of their work. Thus, good educational institutions, in their curriculum should have all the ingredients for the overall personality development of the students.

At LML School, along with the pursuit of academic excellence, our thrust is on providing a value based education. We believe in an education that gives importance to compassion, humility, respect, integrity, discipline and positive thinking, which help students grow as good citizens of our country. I am heartened and happy to see that LML School is playing a pioneering role in balancing information – based on the latest international curricula – practical experience and transferable knowledge with the finest values in keeping with Indian traditions .We also believe in the philosophy of ‘Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body’ and lay a lot of stress on Sports and Extra Curricular Activities.

LML School has made a lot of progress in academics, teaching infrastructure and sports in last few years. The school has created Smart Class rooms for e-learning, engaged a professional agency for providing coaching to all Students in various sports and created matching infrastructure in terms of Playgrounds. We have achieved 100% success rate in the class X & XII Board examinations every year since 2008. In Sports and Extra Curricular activities, both girls and boys have been bringing many laurels to the School every year.

I am confident that Lalji Mehrotra Lions School will be a force to reckon with in the years to come.

Rohit Mehta

Rohit Mehta

Immediate Past Chairman

Education is not just about teaching and classrooms, but more about learning beyond classrooms. It is a noble mission of equipping young minds for their future roles as responsible citizens. LML School was set up in the year 2002 with the specific aim of providing quality education to students to develop them into adults who are capable and skilled enough to excel in everything they desire to do. A school is not an island existing for its own means and ends. It has to work cohesively with the community to help develop a strong future generation. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam in his book ‘Ignited Minds’ says, “ I would even go to the extent of saying that if parents and teachers show the required dedication, India would get a new life.”

Education and the teacher parent relationship have to be seen not in business terms but with the nation’s growth in mind. Our school embodies this philosophy because at LML School our teachers have forged a strong bond with the parents and are making constant and concentrated efforts to create an educational environment that fosters the overall development of the child. A nation’s wealth is its young generation and parents and teachers have to play an important part as role-models to help the child develop quality and integrity.

We have tried to maintain a good standard for all round growth of the children. In the coming years we want to ensure that more and more facilities are offered to the students so that they have an excellent environment to study and grow. We look forward to the times ahead when more and more students will be gaining quality education at our school and the sense of satisfaction in their eyes will be our reward.

Ranjana Mandan

Ranjana Mandan


A school is not just an organization; a school is the most important phase of one’s life. A phase that not only provides education but also develops one’s character. At LML School, our main objective of each endeavor is to develop characters of our students that strive for excellence, curiosity and passion.

Over the years, we have worked very hard to develop the environment that enhances the learning experience. The environment that is combination of Internal Environment and External Environment.

External environment of 20 acre lush green surroundings that offers a noise and pollution free experience and creates a positive learning experience.

Internal environment, created by our world class quality committed teachers; state of the art facilities that compliment learning process of the students and prepare them for a competition driven world; and students, whose intellectual competence, positive energy, dreams, passion, curiosity and innocence makes LML School an interactive learning phenomena that helps in shaping integrity driven characters of the human resource involved.

If you are a prospective parent, who wants to explore LML School for your child, we welcome you to witness the continuously evolving positive learning environment. You can visit our campus, talk to our existing students and their parents and be certain of our endeavors.

If you are an existing parent, we thank you for your trust on us and your support. Your kid is already the most important part of our environment for learning. If for any reason you want to talk to us, you can directly reach out to respective teachers during PTMs. We are open for any suggestion or efforts that we can together put to shape the career of your child.


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Parent’s Corner

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